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Kitchen Renovation in New York, New York

Give your home an inviting kitchen for your family and friends. Call Overall Renovations at (718) 715-0472 to plan your Kitchen Renovation in New York project. As millions of Americans look forward to inviting guests for the holidays, are you worried that your kitchen is up to the challenge? Is your kitchen cramped, awkward, or just in need of something new? Overall Renovations can give you a kitchen makeup to be more spacious and welcoming, with decorative touches to spark conversation and make holiday meal prep a fun, enjoyable experience.
New and Resurfaced Cabinets
Resurfacing cabinets can be a cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen. If your old cabinets are solid and organized in a way that meets your needs, resurfacing allows you to customize the look of your cabinets’ exterior while leaving the interior of the cabinets alone. This adjustment substantially reduces the cost of the renovation while providing the same look. Resurfacing is ideal if the cabinets are part of a family home or inheritance. You can keep the style of the cabinetry while giving it a new look. If the cabinets anchor to the wall in an unusual way, it might be simpler to resurface the cabinetry rather than tear the whole setup down.
Open Concept Design
Many homeowners want an open concept design with a clear line of sight to the living room, dining room, and other house areas. An open concept floor plan is ideal for parents of young children because parents don’t have to worry about leaving the children unsupervised while they cook. Homeowners who entertain could benefit from an open concept kitchen. How many times have you spent hours in the kitchen preparing food for a party while your guests mingle in other rooms? An open concept kitchen adjacent to the dining room invites the cook to the party and gives guests a ringside seat to the chef in action.

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Optimizing Your Kitchen Space

In our years as contractors in the New York area, we’ve seen many kitchen space styles, from the inspired to the absurd. Don’t resign yourself to living with the previous owner’s outdated designs. Learn how to use the current generation of smart technology and incorporate it into your daily routine. Our experienced consultant will ask you if you want to remodel your kitchen if you work with Overall Renovation. You’ll work with our professional consultants on your new kitchen design, taking the research burden off your plate. 

Blending Functionality with Style

From smart refrigerators that track your groceries to eco-friendly dishwashers, the latest technology has the power to improve your life. These devices are either compact or already integrated within an existing device. USB drives could incorporate into the kitchen island to power smart devices.

You don’t have to choose between a stylish home and sticking to your budget. Overall Renovation offers innovative designs at an affordable price.  To learn more about kitchen remodeling and to discover how Overall Renovation can help with your kitchen remodeling, call us at (718) 715-0472.

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