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Apartment Renovation in New York, New York

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Have you lost a tenant or left a rental property vacant during the COVID pandemic? Don’t miss out on rental income during a real estate boom. Turn your apartment into a hot property that will draw the best tenants and net you a steady income.

Overall Renovation Inc. can reimagine your property and update it for the modern rental market. Let us do the work and watch your applications and offers grow. Check out the following renovation ideas.

Décor Renovation

One of the simplest ways to enhance curb appeal, draw the eye to essential design features, or just make the room memorable is to add an access wall. Another is to add a large picture window that lets in the natural light. If your apartment doesn’t have any exterior windows that you can expand on, recessed soft lighting can brighten a room as well. 


Anyone who has raised a child or even a large animal knows that damage can happen. Overall Reconstruction Inc. can repair doors, patch walls, and replace outdated technology with newer models. Often, this can save you money on energy bills.      

If your house is a fixer-upper, there might be a great deal of damage left to repair. Don’t worry. Let Overall Renovation, Inc. take care of it at a competitive rate. Fixing repairs sometimes requires only cosmetic improvements but can make the best out of your small space, and with any luck, dramatically improve the value of your home to potential buyers.

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Upgrades and Updates

The technology and resources are always fluid. What was state-of-the-art twenty years ago now stands out as past its prime. Newer home technology is more likely to be interconnected and solve assignments collaboratively. 

Houses and apartments of the 21st century need to be both interconnected and secure. You can achieve this by adding a smart thermostat, several interconnected digital assistant devices, smart lighting, and built-in smart technology appliances.

Choosing Overall Renovation, Inc.

Overall Renovation Inc. has been a leader in the apartment renovation business since 2012. We have up-to-date knowledge of interior design trends in the New York City area. We know how to make the best of a small space, and we will work diligently with you until we have found a way to bring your ideal vision of your NYC apartment to life.

Whether you’re planning to move into your apartment, rent it out, or flip it to take advantage of the real estate market trend, we’ll give your home a look that you can adore. Guests, tenants, and potential buyers will see your apartment as something special.

The first step in the renovation is to plan out the changes you want to see in your apartment. Identify the must-have features that you expect from the contractor. Consulting with a professional at Overall Renovation, Inc. allows you to find a cost-effective, long-lasting slate of improvements to your property. Call (718) 715-0472 to plan your renovation today.