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Have a Repair or Plumbing Emergency? Call Us Now: (718) 715-0472

Home and Interior Repairs in New York, New York

Home and Interior Repairs in New York.

Let Overall Renovation, Inc. fix up your home. Call (718) 715-0472  for general repair services. We have all spent more time at home in the past year. Our homes have naturally suffered their share of wear and tear. If you are doing without appliances or putting up unsightly damage to walls, fixtures, and flooring, don’t put off those repairs another day. Now is the time to get your home back into shape. Call Overall Renovations to take care of all the repairs you’ve meant to do. We offer fast service, diligence, and competitive pricing.
Drywall, paneling, paint, and other household surfaces can be scuffed and worn with everyday use and can suffer more severe damage from storms and accidents. Overall Renovation, Inc. will repair or replace damaged sections of the wall so that your house can look new again.
Wood is indispensable as a building material for exterior and interior design. Overall Renovations inc. has skilled carpenters on our team. They can create anything from new walls to handrails, from wheelchair ramps to accent pieces with driftwood or reclaimed wood. Whether you need to repair your existing wooden structures or add new facilities, such as a wheelchair ramp for a frequent guest who needs one, Overall Renovation, Inc. will help.
Electrical Work
Flickering lights, outlets that don’t provide power, and frequently tripped circuit breakers aren’t just annoyances. They could be signs of serious problems that could put the safety of your home and anyone in it is at risk. You’ve already invested in your home. Keep it safe for your family’s future by having Overall Renovation Inc., keep your electrical system in good working order.

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Overall Renovation Inc.’s team can unclog your drains, replace pipes with corrosion or damage.  Our rates are competitive, and we do not use harsh commercial drain cleaners that could damage your pipes even further.

Doors and Windows

Broken interior doors make a home look shabby and neglected. Exterior broken windows and doors destroy your home’s curb appeal and might provide a vulnerable access point for burglars and thieves. We offer a range of door models and designs. While you are replacing doors and windows, consider energy-efficient window installation that can save you money and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.                                                                                         


We stand behind our high-quality floors. However, you might have an older floor with stains, scuff marks, and other signs of damage. We offer a wide range of damage-resistant flooring materials that will serve you and your family safe. We stock various colors and patterns to go with your furniture, walls, and molding.

At Overall Renovations, we pride ourselves on identifying and fixing minor problems before they can become large ones. If extensive repairs are needed after inclement weather or some other source of widespread damage, we have the know-how and the connections to find the highest quality replacement materials. You don’t have to leave your house looking battered or run-down. Call (718) 715-0472 to schedule a service call today.

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