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Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing in New York, New York

Hardwood Floor Installation in New York.

Wooden floors are a classic and beautiful addition to any home, but installing or refinishing them isn’t easy. For a professional job that brings your floors to life, call Overall Renovations, Inc at (718) 715-0472.

New Yorkers know how to make efficient use of space, and want that space to create a welcoming and elegant environment to relax in.

Wood floors can transform your home from a run-of-the-mill apartment or house into something so much more, and with proper care over time- they will last for years to come!

Instead of laying carpet to cover battered and bruised floors, let the professionals at Overall Reconstruction Inc. handle the job of refinishing your wood floors, or installing new ones to keep you happy for years to come.

Wood Floor Installation

There are many reasons why you might want to add wood floors into your home. Whether it be practical or aesthetic, it’s always a good choice!

A new wood floor is able to withstand years of wear and tear when treated properly, and choosing the right material is both a practical and vision-based decision.

Choosing the right color to complement your space is crucial, as certain varieties of wood have different colors and patterns. Each of these will vary in their ability to withstand use over time, and be easily repaired.

Luckily, with over 12 years of experience in the wood floor business, we are here to help guide you through the selection process, and our extensive network of premium suppliers will ensure you receive only the BEST product for your home.

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After that, our team of expert craftsmen will carefully and efficiently remove your existing flooring, and install your gorgeous new wood floors. This process involves applying the right finish to your floors to ensure they last for years to come, and we will help you decide on this as well.

Once complete, our team will do a final walkthrough and handle any finish touches needed to ensure you are absolutely happy with our work!

Wood Floor Refinishing

You may already have a brilliant wood floor in your home, but over time all wood floors need a bit of life breathed back into them. Luckily, that’s where Overall Renovations comes in. 

Our team will help you understand the entire process- from sanding, repairing small cracks and chips, to refinishing and polishing your newly redone wood floors. 

A delicate, but firm touch is needed when refinishing a wood floor- Carefully removing the surface layer to sand down the wear and tear is crucial to preserving as much as possible of your wood floor’s original beauty. Our team are the top-notch experts here, and once they’ve brought life back to your floors, the refinishing process will make your floors look as good as new! 

Wood floor installation or refinishing requires expertise, but it does not have to be costly. Call us at (718) 715-0472 to schedule today.

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