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Have a Repair or Plumbing Emergency? Call Us Now: (718) 715-0472

Interior Custom Installations in New York, New York

Installing Cabinets, Fixtures, Bathtubs, and More

For professional Interior Custom Installations in New York, call (718) 715-0472.

Take the hassle out of installing fixtures and appliances. Many New Yorkers are looking for cost-effective ways to update their homes nowadays. If a full-scale remodel of a kitchen, living room, or bathroom is not within the budget, a new vanity, set of cabinets, bathtub, or entertainment center can lend a fresh look to a room. Save yourself the time and hassle of doing the installation yourself. Let the professionals at Overall Renovation add the perfect touches to your home.
Avoid Costly Repairs with Professional Installation
It is tempting to save a little money by installing appliances and fixtures as a DIY project. Before you do, consider your level of expertise and whether you can afford the risk of a mistake during installation. Manufacturer’s warranties will not cover damage caused by accidents during installation. If we make a mistake in installation, we’ll make it right under the terms of our warranty. We stake our professional reputation on our proper installation.
Custom Installation
One benefit of hiring a contractor for installation is the freedom to adapt the installation process to the needs of your home and your family. If you need to position a sink higher or lower or mount a washing machine on a pedestal, we’re the ones to call!

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Installation Services

We provide the following installation services in the NYC area:


We hook up appliances to water and gas lines and exhaust vents for dryers. We inspect the hook-up for any signs of leaks and make sure that the appliances are well-ventilated and situated in an appropriate location. We will dispose of the old appliances safely. If your appliance is a smart appliance, we will make sure that you successfully connect your appliance to your wi-fi network and that you understand how to use its features.


Tubs can be simple bathtubs, traditional freestanding tubs with clawfoot designs, or more elaborate tubs with water jets and other features. Whether your bathtub is modern or traditional, large or small, Overall Reconstruction is ready to help you.

Electrical Outlets and Switches

Don’t risk electrocution or property damage by doing electrical work yourself unless you have extensive training in electrical work. Let Overall Renovation install your wiring and electrical components safely.


Any dedicated bookworm that reads physical books will run out of space sooner or later. Adding more shelving can free up more space. Extra shelving also provides an elevated vantage point for your pet cat if you have one. 

The above is not an exhaustive list of installation services. If you need an installation not featured on this list, call us and inquire at (332) 209-4677.

Overall Renovation, Inc. is a licensed contractor with experience in installing and repairing appliances, countertops, cabinets, vanities, shelves, and many other household items. Save time and aggravation by calling on us to install anything you need for your home.

We look forward to offering you a prompt and professional installation. For a service call, contact us at (718) 715-0472.

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