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Remodeling in New York, New York

Remodeling in New York

Your old home can look new again with Overall Renovations home remodeling services. Call (718) 715-0472 today. This year has been a time for beginnings and recovery from the challenges of the year before. A makeover for your home is a perfect way to welcome a new stage in life and show friends and relatives that your home is ready to invite guests. The experienced contractors at Overall Renovation, Inc. can help you develop a new vision of your home and bring it to life. We are happy to tackle your construction project at a competitive with durable, high-quality materials. You’ll be eager to show off your renovated home.
Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen remodeling jobs are costly compared to other jobs because of the plumbing work, cabinetry, appliances. However, the return on investment can be considerable, particularly if the kitchen remodel is durable. More so than other rooms in the house, the kitchen design must allow more than one person to access ovens, cabinets, the refrigerator, and the freezer. Overall Renovation designs kitchen remodels with you and your family in mind. We strive to make the best use of space and to position appliances so that people can use them without impeding traffic flow. Adding an island could add additional usable cabinet spaces and is a popular choice for modern kitchen renovations.
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathrooms can quickly get dingy if you don’t clean them frequently. Tiles become cracked. Odors creep in and can be challenging to contain. A bathroom remodel can address each one of these issues and upgrade the bathroom to meet changing needs. For example, a recently married couple might exchange their single sink for a double vanity.

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For a bathroom remodel, Overall Renovations could perform the following:

  • Upgrade the tub to a hot tub or a better, more state-of-the-art tub with additional features
  • Change the dimensions of the bathroom window or install a frosted glass window for privacy
  • Exchange the toilet for an eco-friendly low-flush toilet or a toilet that packs a more powerful punch
  • Add a vanity or double vanity
  • Install cabinets, mirrors, and shelving
  • Add grab bars to the shower and other locations for a person with a disability
  • Install smart technology for hands-free operation of radio, water faucet, or another appliance

This list barely scratches the surface for the possible bathroom projects that Overall Renovation might undertake. They have almost a decade of experience with remodeling and a track record of customer satisfaction.

Homeowners have had remodeling of their living rooms, dens, media rooms, and more. Each remodeling project has its challenges. Whatever your remodeling needs, Overall Renovation Inc. is ready to help bring your project to life.

Overall Renovation, Inc. is one of the most trusted names in the New York City area for home remodeling. We bring the best of New York’s style and spirit to every home remodeling project, along with an attention to detail and an eye for the aesthetics of a project. For more information about remodeling, please contact (718) 715-0472

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