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Bathroom Renovation in New York, New York

Create a space-saving and relaxing space with a Bathroom Renovation in New York by Overall Renovations. Call (718) 715-0472. If there’s any room in your house or apartment that should be comfortable and relaxing, it is the bathroom. Unfortunately, a bathroom that doesn’t give you the space to stretch lacks storage space and has quirky plumbing is hardly inviting.  Whatever your square footage, the team at Overall Renovation Inc. will make the best use of your room and provide an elegant, comfortable bathroom for you and your family.

Choosing a Vanity

The vanity is often a centerpiece to the bathroom. Many people spend their first moments of the morning facing the vanity to wash their face and swish mouthwash. A bathroom remodel presents homeowners with choices. For couples, a double vanity can give both partners some personal space for their toilet routine.


A coordinated set of fixtures includes faucets, towel racks, the toilet paper holder, and shelving for soap, toothbrushes, and other essentials. Fixtures are available in steel, chrome, brushed nickel, and different styles.  The choice of faucet sets the tone for the vanity. A farmhouse faucet has a rustic feel. A waterfall faucet leaves the water stream exposed, letting it cascade visibly into the sink. For homeowners who need assistance, faucet controls with large paddles or smart faucets make it easier to control the water flow.

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The Tub

There is no better way to make your bathroom a refuge from the world than adding a new bathtub. Enjoy the feeling of water jets. For a multi-sensory meditative experience, add Chromatherapy, lights, and music. 

If you are aging or building an in-law suite for a relative who needs assistance getting into or out of the tub, you will want to avoid the risk of falls. Consider a walk-in tub or a roll-in shower. Make your time in the bath more convenient by installing grab bars and niches in easy-to-reach places around the tub area.

Eco-friendly Options

Combining water-saving strategies throughout the bathroom can save you money on your water bill and conserve water for your community. Water-saving shower heads aerate the water, providing an appropriate volume of shower spray while using less water. The toilet is a significant contributor to water usage, particularly if it leaks or drips. Low flow toilets use a fraction of the water of older toilets, less than two gallons per flush compared to five or more. 


Overall Renovation

At Overall Renovation, Inc., we don’t just focus on bathrooms, but we have almost a decade of experience in bathroom remodeling.  Overall Renovation takes a holistic approach to bathroom remodeling, considering the practical elements of functionality and efficiency while keeping the overarching aesthetic. We can work with you to create themed decor and complement the rest of the house. 

A bathroom may be only a tiny room in your house, but a beautiful, well-designed bathroom can have a significant effect on your peace of mind. For a consultation about your next bathroom renovation, call us at (718) 715-0472. Ask us about financing options and discounts.

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