Washington Square Park is one of the most beautiful, green places in Manhattan. It’s only a few blocks away from Washington Square College and Washington Square Church. But it has become more than just an oasis for NY students to study outside it has become a hip spot for New Yorkers to enjoy food trucks, live music every day of the week, and other fun events! Washington Square Park will be your new favorite place to hang out this summer. Learn information about  New York, NY.

Washington Square is one of the most unique parks I’ve ever seen. It’s a mix between an old, historic feel and some modern aspects that make it stand out amongst other green spaces around the world. The area itself has been used for centuries as a gathering place to celebrate achievements or mourn deaths during war times. You can imagine then why this place holds so much history when you see how beautiful it looks today! At almost 25 acres big, there are plenty of activities available for visitors to take part in while they’re here. And after walking through all four corners, taking pictures with your family, and enjoying the fresh air, you can stop at one of Washington Square Park’s many cafes to grab a bite to eat. Discover facts about Arcadia Earth Museum: Unique Place to Visit in NY.