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19:24 03 Mar 22
The project: I wanted to do a lot of random things in my two floor apartment. I wanted to take down a wall between my living room and very small bedroom to make it more open. The bathrooms (one full and one half) had to bee redone with new tile and new fixtures except toilet and tub. A wall needed to be reinforce so that it could hold heavier art work as well as a curtain and light fixture built out for display purposes. The carpet on the stairs had to be ripped out and something cleaner put in.Ofir and his team did a great job with all the random things I wanted to have done. Anything I didnt like, they adjusted and fixed as needed. I wanted someone to do the job well and in a timely manner and I got just that. I appreciate the clear and straightforward approach. The cost was competitive as well.Unfortunately, as my space has some distinct features, I didnt want to post any photos of the work.
Tom LeshTom Lesh
13:42 12 Feb 22
Highly recommend overall renovation,they are professionals,responsive and on time every day! They keep the job site clean ,organized and doing it all very quietly. Would recommend them to anyone that looking for any work in the house.will definitely use them again! Thank you very much for my new bathroom.
batel hakonbatel hakon
15:22 19 Jan 22
I had a leak from the toilet that hit the ceiling of the kitchen downstairs, I could not solve this problem for three years, I tried everything and the leak came back somehow. Ophir and his staff came and examined the problem and gave me recommendations that fit my budget, I decided to do with them the renovation of both my bathroom and kitchen. I can say that they are professional and fast. Reasonable prices and they always worked with me on changes and additions during the project.
חן בן אביחן בן אבי
17:23 14 Jan 22
Kobi the project manager is professional and available for any question, a reliable company with reasonable prices, I renovated my kitchen and bathroom and they installed all the cabinets in my house in a wonderful way. the lead times with Covid are very long, and they tried to help with all orders and carried out the renovation under a very tight schedule.
haim havivhaim haviv
15:14 14 Dec 21
I've been working with Overall Renovation for a long time on many different projects. They always take the extra mile to finish it in the most pleasant way and at an affordable price. Ofir and his team are always very attentive to any questions or concerns

A Few Examples Of What We Can Help With!

Here are just a few of the home renovation services that Overall Renovations offers for build projects:

New and Resurfaced Cabinets, Shelving, and Closet Space

If space is at a premium, adding additional storage without decreasing usable living space increases the utility of your home or apartment. Redesigning cabinet spaces adds convenience to your kitchen. Adding additional shelves in the living area adds a literary ambiance by storing books or natural beauty by adding plants.

Creation of an Open Concept Design

If you knock down interior walls between the living area, dining area, and kitchen, it will open up space and allow for more expansive interior design concepts.  The open concept can provide the illusion of a larger space.

Interior Repainting

Color schemes in houses can go out of date as time passes. Earth tones valued in one decade fall by the wayside, and brighter colors take their place. A color change could emphasize a theme for a particular room, such as a nautical theme for a bathroom.

Installation of Bathtubs, Vanities, and Other Essential Appliances

Any home remodel offers a change to your everyday lifestyle and a substantial financial investment. Many home improvements add to a home’s value, offsetting at least part of your initial investment. We’ll work with you to identify a cost-effective solution for you and your family.

If you are thinking of moving because you and your family need more space, talk to us about increasing the efficiency of our use of space by eliminating unusable “dead space” in your floor plan.  

If energy bills take too much of your paycheck, ask us about efficient floor plans and space-saving appliances. We’ve been working in New York for nearly a decade. We know how to make the most of your square footage.

At Overall Renovation, we put thought, creativity, and practical know-how into every home improvement project.  We will create a brand-new look or, if you prefer, create a new look that builds off your existing décor.

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